For those who enjoy gardening, a method called hydroponics is a particularly sustainable form of gardening. Hydroponics means growing plants without soil. Instead, plants’ roots grow in water with nutrient rich minerals.

Plant roots can be lodged in a water mineral solution alone, or gravel, mineral wood, or pebbles. The mineral solution surrounding the roots usually has a mixture of Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus, and using different ratios of those minerals can actually control aspects of the growing process. Hydroponics can be used for a vast array of plant life, from flowers, to vegetables, to a large collection of herbs.

So why is hydroponics particularly sustainable? To begin with, water is conserved since less is required throughout the process. Since there is no soil involved, there are no soil born pests which eliminates the need for pesticides. The material used to house the roots, such as gravel, can be reused for multiple plants. Under this method plants also have longer life spans so the resources devoted to continually replacing plants are decreased.

Aside from environmental benefits, there are other perks as well. Hydroponics allows plants to be grown in an area that does not depend upon large outdoor spaces or land that can be easily cultivated. This is perfect for people who live in a more urban area or want to grow plants inside the house. Hydroponics also leads to a higher yield of crop, and the entire process can be less expensive than traditional gardening. In terms of convenience, hydroponic plants do not have to be weeded or watered since there is no soil. Overall, hydroponics can be a great method for convenient, interesting, and sustainable gardening.



Article by: Abigail Fagan, Class of 2014

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  1. The roots of the plants are directly dipped into the mineral water and the energy needed for the plant growth is transferred directly to the plants. Because of this reason, the plants have the more yield in less period of time as there is no need for the plants to search the energy for their own growth.
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  2. It is an amazing blog! I am in for space saving gardening like Hydroponics and it is similar to Aquaponics. It is a gift for growing population food needs, fertilizers have deserted many agricultural lands. It is the right time to go for natural farming.

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  4. Hydroponics offers numerous advantages over traditional farming. Hydroponics systems require only 10 % of the water that traditional agriculture requires. Apart from these, Hydroponics have all-year-round growing cycles which makes them very feasible.

  5. Hydroponics is definitely becoming more popular because of it,s more merits over traditional gardening. It can grow more crops in less area. Thus, proving profitable output for farmers.

  6. The thing I enjoy about hydroponics is the versatility. A hydroponic garden can be anything you want it to be. I’ve had everything from large hydroponic systems in my yard, smalls ones in my house and all in between. As long as you provide your plants what they need in the amounts they need it, the design and look and can be anything you want it to be.

  7. Basic but good, I like it. So many pages out there can really make a beginner gardener go nuts. Better to just pick your favorite hydroponics system and stick with basic feed and veg cycles, keep water at 6.5 and should be good to grow.

  8. As a gardener I am very interested in all modern gardening methods! I really like the Hydroponics because it is sustainable and it gives the great opportunity for the big cities to produce their own vegetables! I know that in America and Japan it is already pretty successful! Definitely there are many benefits both for people and environment! Thank you for the post!

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