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Packing up and heading home for the summer? Graduating with a ton of stuff you don’t want anymore? Tons of declining left and not hungry enough to spend it? Don’t worry, I have the solutions for you!

You can donate your gently used clothing and bedding to any of the yellow Planet Aid containers you’ll see if front of the residence hall. This amazing organization will send these items to international development projects. Your larger items, such as furniture, kitchen appliances, and other D&R postermiscellaneous things can be donated to Grassroot’s Dump and Run program, where other students can purchase them. The money goes towards funding Grassroot’s awesome sustainability projects throughout the year. Lastly, if you have lot’s of declining left, head on over to Hillside and stock up on non-perishable goods. There are Open Door Mission containers in all residence halls, and this organization will take the food for Rochester’s local food pantries.

For more information on these programs, take a look at these posters. Cleaning out never felt so good!

Written by Lauren Henry, class of 2014

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