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Recently I’ve found myself trapped in several hopeless situations. And by that I mean my phone is always running low on battery. Determined to solve my problem, I did a little research to see how I can prolong my smartphone’s battery life. Now I want to share it with all of you! Here are some great ones:

  1. Turn the phone at night when you are sleeping or when you are not using it
  2. Turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  3. Don’t turn on the flash when you use the camera
  4. Lower screen brightness to AutoSave setting  
  5. Close applications when not using
  6. Don’t search for a signal as it is the biggest consumer of battery life!
  7. Don’t let it completely go out of battery
  8. Avoid the heat
  9. Turn off GPS Tracking
  10. Limit the screen timeout
  11. Turn off notifications and syncing

You can find out more at:

Written by Wendy Long, Class of 2016
photo by Jon Fingas,

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