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Ever wonder what you could’ve done with your old Christmas tree? Tree cycling is the simple act of recycling your Christmas tree. Rather than throwing it away, recycling is the best way to deal with this piece of holiday décor. You extend its utility by turning it into something else.

Recycled trees are most commonly used for mulch, erosion protection, habitat creation and shoreline stabilization. The possibilities are endless. Every year people are finding new ways to use tree cycling for different community projects.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, about 33 million trees are sold in the U.S. every year. Real Christmas trees are a renewable resource, with 98 percent of them being grown and harvested each year. They are carbon neutral and create organic, biodegradable waste, making them the greener choice for the special holiday.

Earth911’s Tree Cycle Program has developed the nation’s largest, most comprehensive tree cycling directory. It has compiled over 4,000 tree cycling resources. Recycling options range from curbside pickup to consumer drop-off and DYI projects. Tree Cycle Program has also partnered with major retailers such as Walmart and Home Depot that make their trees environmentally friendly. Next year when you are out shopping for the perfect Christmas tree, make sure to look for trees with the Treecycle logo. You will find that after Christmas tree cycling is an awesome way to kick off the New Year!

Written by Wendy Long, Class of 2016

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