2014 Resolutions

During this time of year we all consider or at a minimum think of resolutions. Typically the resolutions are associated with improving your personal health. This year I am devoting my resolutions to improving the health of the earth.  As in a typical year, I am sure that I will fail to meet my lofty goals, but if I put them down on paper my chances of meeting the goal increase greatly. Here they are:

Ride my bike to work at least two days this year. (Doable!)

Car pool at least five days this year (I have a good start on this one – one day down!).

Switch at least one light bulb to LED. (This is tough because they are costly, but will be worthwhile in the long run.)

Recycle at least one more item than I typically would per week. (I am usually good on this one, but get lazy on occasion.)

Look into composting. (Not sure if I am really willing to compost, but if I can start a very small compost pile it would be a start.)

Make healthier choices when eating. (This one will be good for a few days and then I will slack off, but at least I can give it a try.)

Limit purchases to necessities, rather than wants. (Again, this one is tough and I will succeed for a short time. It is worth giving it a try because it is also good for the pocketbook.)

Post on The Green Dandelion every week using a personal article at least one time per month. (I have a good start on this one too!)


To all – may you have a healthy and happy year.


Submitted by Pat Beaumont

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