New Life to an Old Beech Tree

Our Horticulture and Grounds department does a wonderful job in helping the trees in our Arboretum flourish and preserving them whenever possible. However, there are times when trees become diseased beyond repair or hazardous and must come down. Then there are other times when nature takes them down. This was the case for one such beech tree who resided at the president’s house. Such downed trees are often ground and used for mulch. But, this particular tree will live on in the entryway of the University Facilities and Services Center.

Artist, Scott Grove has created other works of art for the University in the past, many involving trees. Scott’s latest creation is a glass top table  with tile block from the old cyclotron building. In the mid 1940’s, the University of Rochester housed a “super cyclotron” or claimed atom smasher capable of producing 16 times the energy of any other hitherto of its time.  Now Scott’s table displayed for all to see echoes quite a unique piece of history.

We are so excited to have Scott Grove support’s once again in our “Get Creative” week of RecycleMania. Last year he helped put together an amazing ReImagined, ReDesigned, ReCreated art display. This year plans are in the works to create a flower garden made of old plastic bottles.

Click here to learn more about Scott Grove and his amazing work.