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Recently, the UR Sustainable FaceBook page shared an interesting article about a college in Massachusetts banning mini-fridges in their new, energy efficient dorm building. When I first read this article, it seemed absolutely crazy to me. How could a school do this? Mini-fridges are a staple for college dorm living, and I could say comfortable that almost every student who lives in a dorm room has one plugged into their wall right now. So what would happen if we banned mini-fridges from our dorms?

First, the school anticipates mini-fridges in this dorm in Massachusetts along will save 4kbtu of energy per square foot per year – or about $16,000 annually. Out of all the electronics and devices that are used in an average student’s dorm room, mini-fridges by far are the biggest energy consumer. There are constantly on, all the time. Additionally, the college believes that by banning mini-fridges, student’s will have the “added benefit of increased opportunity for interpersonal engagement and ideas exchange.” The school’s plan is to have the student’s share Energy Star-rated full sized refrigerators. This, they believe, will increase interactions among students.

What do you think? Would the University of Rochester ever ban the use of mini-fridges? What would you do if you were told you couldn’t bring your fridge to school next year and you had to share with other students? Comment below with your ideas!


Written  by Lauren Henry, class of 2014


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