Green Apps for Your Area

The apps below concern the environmental health of certain areas, as determined by zip code, address, or another location detail.

Waterkeeper Swim Guide:  This app will provide you with beach and swimming locations, while informing you if they are clean or have water quality problems. It also provides directions to swim                            locations.


My Right To Know: This web application is an EPA program designed for mobile devices. For any address or location, MyRTK reports nearby facilities that report to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). It also details if the facility holds permits in the EPA’s Water, Air, or Hazardous Waste programs and if they are expected to produce, manage, or release TRI reportable chemicals. The app provides information on the health effects caused by the TRI chemicals, and how each facility complies with environmental laws.


iRecycle: This app can tell you how, where, and when to recycle any kind of material. By using your current    address, zip code, or other locating detail, you are given collection point information. This is especially useful when on vacation.



Marine Debris Tracker: By using this app, you can make a difference by recording where you find trash along coastlines and waterways. Similarly, use What’s Invasive to alert where you find an invasive   species. Both of these will record the spread of undesirable environmental problems and alert the proper authorities.


One of the benefits of these apps is that you can keep your family and home area safe from pollution, debris, and chemicals. And you’ll know which areas to avoid when the levels are too high.



By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013