Recycling for the Environment and the Community

The Residential Life Facilities (RLF) crew has really been busy this summer putting old things to new use. From turning old dorm room beds into maiboxes to giving new homes to abandoned microwaves, their eforts towards the 3 R’s have been nothing less than stellar!

To stay with prevailing dorm room trends and keep all of the furniture functioning at the highest possible levels, Residential Life updates a section of furniture almost every summer. Rather than simply discarding old but functional furniture along with broken pieces, RLF looks for local charities and organizations that might be in the need of used furniture. Often, organizations are suggested by members of the RLF community. In the past, donations have been made to numerous churches, youth organizations, schools and other charitable establishments in which member of facilities take part during their free time.

With this summer’s turnover of Fraternity Quad operations to RLF, a mass standardization of furniture was required, which left many worn yet functional pieces of furniture up for grabs. After an inquiry from the St. Vincent DePaul Society, RLF was able to arrange a large donation. A series of pickups was coordinated, which amounted in donations of approximately 15 mattresses, 5 desks and dressers, and 3 wardrobes. St. Vincent’s will make this furniture available to those in the area who cannot afford it.

This furniture weighed about 1655 pounds and could have otherwise filled two 30-yard roll-off dumpsters to be taken to a landfill. RLF looks forward to working with St. Vincent’s and other charitable organizations throughout the Rochester community in the future and is always on the lookout for sustainable solutions.


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  1. Yesterday I accepted the keys for a small warehouse at 5/30-32 Stockdale Road, O’Connor. That little warehouse will house a mattress dismantling and recycling business. It will be the start of a network of recycling operations.

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