O’Brien Hall Receives NYSERDA Award

In addition to being officially recognized as a LEED Gold building, O’Brien Hall just received $59,361 from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)for the installation of energy ifficiency measures as part of the New York Energy Smart New Construction Program.

To qualify for this award, many Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) were implemented in O’Brien Hall, including air conditioning and heating Unit with an energy recovery wheel, variable speed pumps on all water systems, and high efficiency lighting.

What does all this add up to? Here is the Annual Utilities and Dollar Savings in round numbers:

  • Electric savings = 24,000 kWh ($5,100)
  • Fossil Fuel savings = 13,100 therms ($9,900)
  • Only 1.7 years payback for ECM investment by the Universi

Aside from saving money, the environmental and societal benefits due to reduced emissions from electric power generating plants amounts to reductions in annual nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and carbon dioxide totaling 233,000- lbs!

For more information on the sustainable asepcts of O’Brien HAll, please visit http://www.facilities.rochester.edu/sustainability/obrien.shtml .

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