Mulchin’ in the Coalyard

First of all, happy Memorial Day to all. We’ve all been reminded that today is not just about barbequing up something delicious, but about honoring those who gave up their lives in serving to protect our freedom. Somehow saying thank you for that doesn’t seem like quite enough, but we still should thank the living who serve our country every chance we get. Along with firing up the grill, many Americans choose to take advantage of the long weekend and do some yard work. Just as we do on our University grounds, try to remember environmentally friendly methods in the care of your yard at home.

I am told the title of this article was a hit song in the ’60’s, and no, I do not remember because I am too young. It feels nice to say that after working with student interns who never saw the show Who’s the Boss with Tony Danza (remember that?), and after hearing on the radio this week that The Smashing Pumpkins released the album Siamese Dream twenty years ago (WHAT?).

But enough about getting older, the picture you see here was taken by our University Horticulture and Grounds Department who deserve much applause for their work. Grounds works hard to keep their practices sustainable. They have gotten us recognized as a Tree Campus USA, have won a Green Star Award from the Professional Grounds Management Society, and use integrated pest management on campus.

Grounds’ methods in tree care add to the list of sustainable practices the department follows. Grounds tries hard not to remove the trees on campus that make up our Arboretum. But when they do become diseased or hazardous and need to be removed, they are mulched by a wood chipper and put to use again rather than being sent to a landfill.

The picture displays approximately 200 cubic yards of mulch recently ground by the department which will be used to fill along the riverbanks of campus. So, let’s just keep truckin‘ to make this place a little greener (now that one I do know even though I am too young)!