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This week was a big one for Recyclemania–and appropriately so, as it was our first week of official competition! After a couple introductory weeks, this week was based on the theme of water conservation. We heard from some of UR’s Global Water Brigaders, who were in Honduras this past January, digging in with other college students on a widespread construction project that helps bring fresh spring water to communities with little to no access to fresh water. In addition, we heard several sides to a hot topic–banning bottled water on the River Campus. With voices from student activities, facilities, dining, the environmental science department, Coca-Cola, and from RIT–which has recently banned the bottle, itself–there were many points to be made, and Dining’s Team Green will use the feedback from the panel in its research on UR’s potential participation.

The next few weeks of Recyclemania will be offering further opportunities to learn about sustainability issues. Next week marks Valentine’s Day Week. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy participating in the commercialism of the holiday (reduce those resources!), stop by our table to make your own valentines out of recycled paper–by hand and for free! Recyclemania will roll right along to week 5, with Energy Conservation Week. There will be all kinds of cool stuff to check out at the Green Energy Fair on February 20th from noon to 4pm in Hirst Lounge. In addition to drinking warm hot chocolate while learning about ESW’s (Engineers for a Sustainable World) solar cooker, you can mosey on outside for a look at one of the University’s GEM Car fleet, as well as a Chevy Volt–two kinds of electric-powered vehicles. We’ll also have the UR Biodiesel bus on display. Student groups will be tabling, as well as different environmentally conscious companies that UR works with in the fields of waste management and recycling, electricity, and construction.

The following day, you can check out a screening of the film Food Inc., which is both a pertinent and informative documentary that addresses all kinds of issues on sustainability in the realm of food–from energy to beyond! You can catch that on the 21st at 8pm in Dewey 1101.

At last, the weekend! You’ve earned a break after a long week of learning about environmental issues! So join the men of Sigma Alpha Mu in their fraternity quad home to kick back and relax at the Recyclemania party at 11:30pm. But stay on your toes–there may be prizes involved!

Written by Kathleen Shannon, Class of 2013

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