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Some of you may recall the tragic news in November that Annalise Kyølhede, a UR alumni and active environmentalist, passed away in a skiing accident. Since then, her friends and the school have been busy creating memorials and writing about her life.

Two of her friends, Crysty Skevington and Sarah Woods, entered her story into New York Times Magazine segment “The Lives They Lived”.

Videos of Annlise can be viewed at the website of her Kauffman Entrepreunerial Year project, the UR Microfarm.

While still an undergraduate, Annalise was featured in several articles about her role in conducting a survey of community attitudes about fish consumption. As told by project leader Dr. Katrina Korfmacher, “Everyone who met her in our work seems to remember her – including some of my community partners who didn’t even work on the fish project, our secretary, and even our PR guy remembers her from the story he did on our project. She certainly made an impact on everyone around her.”

If you have a story about Annalise, please contact Carol Shuherk. Dr. Shuherk, as author of stories for the University of Rochester’s sustainability webpage, is creating a remembrance for Annalise Gadomski Kjolhede for the site to celebrate her and her contributions to advancing sustainability in our community. If you have any pictures, thoughts or memories of Annalise, please contact Dr. Shuherk.



By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013

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