Fifth Annual E-Cycle Day a Success

University Facilities and Services proudly held its Fifth Annual E-Cycle Day collection event on October 26. Working hard from 6:30am to 4:30pm, representatives from Sunnking Electronics Recycling Company and University volunteers collected used and broken electronics from faculty, students, and staff. Mounds of computer monitors, televisions, and other bulky items were piled on wooden pallets, and large boxes were filled with cords, cell phones, chargers, and assorted small items. The pallets were wrapped in plastic and then everything was loaded into Sunnking’s truck, ready for transportation to their recycling plant.

This year 30,875 lbs. of electronics were collected for recycling. While the total amount is impressive, this event is more than just numbers. It is about providing a convenient service to Rochester employees and students. Hearing participants say, “That was so easy!” is just one of Facilities’ goals for this event.

This event received rave reviews from the University community. It can even be seen as a benefit of working here – but you don’t have to take our word for it. According to Trina Lowery, Carlson Library Circulation/Reserve Coordinator: “I just want to say that was incredible. I took the day off . . . to clear out old electronics at my home (what a gorgeous day) and filled my car! I went later in the afternoon to drop it off, and was astonished at how well organized it was, and friendly and helpful the volunteers were! My car was emptied in less than two minutes and my old electronics were sorted and bundled before I had fully driven away. It was wonderful. Thank you for the work you do.”

Trina and everyone who donated deserve gratitude as well. In five years, the University has diverted over 150,000 pounds of electronic waste from landfills. University Recycling Coordinator, Amy Kadrie would like to thank the brothers of Delta Upsilon for partnering with the event for the third year in a row! The combination of workers, volunteers, and community engagement all support this event and make it a success.

The good news is that recycling electronics has become much more prevalent. People do not have to wait for collection events like this one and can easy travel to local collection sites. The reason? Recent New York State recycling laws require manufacturers to provide free and convenient recycling of electronic waste to most consumers in the state. Locally, Monroe County has an EcoPark that serves as a drop-off location for e-waste and other recyclables.  Rochester Computer Recycling and Recovery, Maven Technologies, Imagine It Recycling, and Goodwill are just a few other local places for electronic recycling. So if you missed E-Cycle Day, there are still plenty of opportunities to recycle your old and broken electronics. For pictures of this event, visit the album on UR Sustainable’s Facebook page.

By Alanna Scheinerman, Class of 2013

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