The Answer is Blowing in the Wind – Wind Power in Our Own Backyard

The search for alternative energy sources is constant, and wind power is generally considered one of the most sustainable options for the future of energy. Wind power in the US represents over 20% of all global wind power, and has grown over 35% in total capacity over the past 5 years, making wind the fastest growing source of alternative source of energy. Wind is used in 31 states plus Puerto Rico, and there are over 470 manufacturing plants for wind turbine production across the country.

But what effect does this have on us in Rochester, NY? More than you might think, as over 100 companies associated with manufacture of wind power equipment are based in Rochester. In fact, Gleason Works, one of Rochester’s oldest manufacturers, is one of the leaders for innovation in design and production of equipment used for wind power.

That’s not all – Rochester’s Wyoming County is home to 331 wind turbines on 6 different farms, providing energy for more than 131,000 homes in the Greater Rochester area.

Wind turbines create electricity when wind flow turns the machine’s blades. So while the faster and harder the wind blows the more power is created, even relatively low-wind areas can benefit from wind based energy sources.

For more information on wind power, in Rochester and beyond, check out Solar Rochester, one of the leaders in renewable energy sources (including wind) in the area.

By Grace Interlichia, class of 2014





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