Seal Air Leaks to Save Energy

We’re all too familiar with Rochester weather – it’s either too hot or too cold, and is always unpredictable. Most of us are always either blasting the air conditioning or heat, depending on the time of year, which can put a pretty large dent in our pockets.

You can save money and energy by checking around your house for places where air could be leaking out. Air leaks account for enough energy loss to equal leaving a window open all season long. Typically air leaks can be found near fireplaces, doors, windows, electrical and plumbing outlets, and cracks between the foundation and the frame of your house where air may be leaking in.

To save 800 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere from these leaks each year, perform a simple walkthrough of your home, find the air leaks, and patch them up using door sweeps, caulking, insulating foam, window putty outlet insulators, and/or weather stripping. You’ll be glad you did!

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