Clay’s Green Corner

Happy Friday Roc-stars and all our planet pals. While things are NEVER quiet on the recycling/sustainability front, it has been a bit of a relaxing week at the Green Corner (now, shhhhhh, if anyone asks, I’m working hard. VERY hard). Doing our part to help our home is a 24/7 commitment and while some weeks are busier than others our commitment as members of the University of Rochester Facilities and Services as well as our commitment as inhabitants of this world never wavers.  We’re all in this together.

Speaking of together, I hope you all had a chance to see the planet Venus pass between the Earth and sun earlier this week. If you were in an area with less than ideal conditions, please check out the search-engine of your choice to view these terrific pictures/videos. It sometimes takes as little as seeing another planet to grasp the challenges we Earthlings face. You can view this again in real time in 117 years. Um, I may not be around for that one, bit thanks to modern science some of you may!

Closer to home, I’m happy to report that Thursday, June 21 is ROC Transit Day. The goal of the day as outlined at  is to convince Rochesterians to leave their cars at home and ride Rochester Transit Services (RTS) that day. RTS will be calculating how many people are using buses that day and as an extra incentive RTS has donated 1,000 bus passes to give to the public. For more details you can contact June 21 may seem far away, but if you are serious about taking advantage of this opportunity, it is never too early to plan. And if, by chance you cannot participate, please tell your friends and neighbors. And include your enemies, too. The Green Corner is very proud that this blog gets to travel the country and world through the magic of cyberspace and if you happen to be one of the unfortunate who do not reside in Rochester, NY contact your local/regional public transportation carriers. Or you can do the Google thing I hear the kids talking about. Whichever way you choose, you and all of us have options.

The weather today is beautiful (we Rochesterians have a special appreciation for nice weather), so the Corner will continue to work hard. Very hard. But outside I think. Until next time, don’t forget to love your Mother.