Mt. Trashmore 2012: An Annual RecycleMania Tradition

Mt. Trashmore after the mid-day lunch rush

And so the mountain grew throughout the course of the day on Friday, March 30th. Instead of being sent to the trash compactor where it would remain out-of-sight-out-0f-mind, trash generated from Wilson Commons, Rush Rhees Library, and Douglas was displayed in Dandelion Square for all to see. Why exactly did students volunteer their time on a Friday to do this? It’s all about awareness. Each year Mt. Trashmore is created during RecycleMania to demonstrate just how much we throw away. The goal of this attention-getter is to get people to start to think before they throw. Waste less and recycle more.

Take a look on UR Sustainable for the photos that were taken as the pile grew . University photographer, J. Adam Fenster captured Trashmore at its best (or worst!) at the end of the day:!i=1765487875&k=5F2TFdq.

But the event wasn’t all garbage. Inside of Hirst Lounge there was a paper-making table where friendly student, Leah Mould, showed others how easy it is to make recycled paper. There was also on opportunity to show your allegiance to sustainability by taking the Go Green Pledge.  A special thanks to Leah, Robert Simeral, all the other student volunteers, as well as the Environmental Services and Dining staff for making this happen another year!

The student group also ended RecycleMania with a bang at Finale Party held on Saturday, March 31st. There was an open mic, free food, give-aways, arts and crafts, and fun had by all! Final results for RecycleMania are not yet out, but here is a look at where we stand as of Week 7:

Grand Champion:  78  out of 264

Per Capita Classic: 27 out of 336

Gorilla: 25 out of 286

Targeted Materials: Paper: 16 out of 166, Cardboard: 18 out of 166, Bottles & Cans: 15 out of 135, Organics: 83 out of 127

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