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Happy Earth Day, lovers of Mother Nature. While the “official” Earth Day isn’t until April 22, we at the University of Rochester along with institutions throughout the land and around the world will be holding many activities this weekend. April 22 marks the 42nd(!) birthday of a grassroots event that is now a world-wide event. Here’s a bit of history: Like any important and honorable event, we shouldn’t set aside just one day to celebrate, take action, and make a commitment to clean our ‘home’. Every day should be Earth Day. But it is fine to set aside some time for fun and games. And if fun and games are what you’re looking for, I hope you can stop by our beautiful River Campus this Saturday, April 21. We have many activities scheduled and rain or shine stop on by, where the Green Corner will be asking all types of mammals to sign our Go Green pledge. I have been known to beg, plead, and occasionally tackle unsuspecting passers-by and get them to sign. Just give in. You cannot escape my clutches. Extra added bonus (besides saving life and limb): you get a handsome, valuable and quite eye-catching “I Took the Go Green Pledge” button.

When your peers see you proudly displaying your button, they can turn their jealously into action by taking the pledge too. It’s win-win. Plus you can get a piece of candy (I will buy your love), and tell a funny story or two or ten. Your resisitence is futile. In addition to taking the pledge you can take a tour of our wonderful campus/aboretum, take part in a tree planting and clean-up, check out our micro-farm, hear some great music, get a t-shirt tie-dyed, and purchase some great, wholesome food from our local growers at our Farmers’ market.

Really, can you think of a better way to celebrate? I can, but tomorrow all my activities will be legal, ethical and moral. At least one day of the year.

If you can’t make our celebration, check out what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Even if you just pick up a broom and clean-up your neighborhood or just your home, you’ll feel so much better. I guarentee it.

Your mission this weekend: check the UR’s website for the official list of activities. Out of the area? Hop on that speedy internet and find out what you can do in your own backyard.

Let’s give Mother Earth a day all to herself. You relax, mom. We’ll take it from here.

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  1. Outstanding point of you,I hope my country can do it as well, coz on my country Indonesia recently many forest on fire this year….

  2. Yep! Earth is an amazing thing and we should do what we can to sustain it. Thanks for the comments!

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