Green My Ride

Car Emissions got you down? While emissions standards are increasing
every year and cars are getting more and more miles for the gallon, most people
are still driving cars from last century! If you’re one of those people, it’s
likely your car gets well below 30 miles per gallon. Here are some ways of
saving gas – until that old car breaks down for good!


Slow Down! Cars are
literally built for going the speed limit. The higher above 60mph you go, the
less fuel efficient your car is going to be! Stick to the speed limit – save
money and fuel.


Pump it up! Check the air
of your tires at least once a month. The closer they are to the ideal
listed in your car’s manual, the more efficient your car will be. Checking your
tires even once a month can improve your mileage by around 3%, which means less
time spent at the gas station!


Filters are a good thing.
Replace the filters in your car regularly. Even something as simple as a new
oxygen sensor can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 15%, which adds up to a
lot of annual savings. Take advantage of it!

One Reply to “Green My Ride”

  1. Wow, luckily I got to this post. You just remember me I have like 6 months without checking the air pressure of my tires 😉 . On the other hand, I think what the world needs is more electrical and uni-personals vehicle to counter the high emissions problem of these days.

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