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Land, sea and air lovers, the Green Corner welcomes you to what should be a verrrrrrrrrry interesting 2012. From politics to economics to scientific discoveries and entertainment, 2012 will pass us by quicker than we could imagine. If you happen to catch any of your local news during the holiday season, you’ll notice a variety of laws and regulations that take effect January 1. No matter which state you reside, there’s probably something different for you to pay attention to. New York  is no different. One major change NY residents face is that you may no longer dispose of electronic waste in with your garbage/trash. In fact, waste haulers are responsible for making sure those items do not end up in a landfill. Well, it’s pretty darned hard for your trash haulers to remove these pieces if they end up in a black trash bag along with your kitty litter and eggshells. So, if you are dependant upon your waste company/local muncipality to take these items away, please follow their guidelines. For more information visit the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Now, you may be wondering, why does the University of Rochester‘s Facilities and Services devote part of its weekly blog to addressing issues that the state and local governements are handling? You are wondering that, right? Good, because it gives me something to write/brag about. We are so proud to be ahead of the curve when it came to providing a service for our UR community. Most of you know that for the past four years University Facilities in partnership with our electronic waste haulers have sponsored an annual event where you just drive on by, we take your unwanted items out of your vehicle,( once again we remind you we do not take teenagers) and make sure they are disposed of in the environmentally correct way. Just because a new law has taken effect does not mean we are stopping our annual collection. The past four collections saw you, yes YOU give us almost 100,000 pounds of unwanted electronics. YOU did this, we just took it off your hands. We love seeing you the last Friday in October and we will keep doing this until it is no longer needed. So, this coupled with our 2nd annual personal document shredding event in July, we are absolutely delighted to serve you.

We have fun, you have fun, we help save the planet together. We got this train a rollin’ so we are not stopping. Hop on board because it can’t happen without you.

Until next time, the Green Corner sends you warm thoughts and also reminds you to please pick up that candy wrapper.

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to easily and properly dispose of my electronic waste. I have used the U of R’s program for two years now and it is quick and easy. Thank you for what you do!

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