Have a very green New Year

As we sit down to enjoy the holidays with our families and begin planning our new year resolutions, why not chose to be a little more green.


One thing to consider is sustainable purchasing. When buying any new product; food, toiletries, jewelery, clothing, wine, etc., why not make the sustainable choice. One option is to consider products Made In America. Or how about selecting a product Made in New York or even better yet, Made in Rochester.


I just learned about a company that prides itself on products from New York State. I have not shopped there yet, but am planning to make a trip to see what they have to offer. Patrick Bodell is the owner of Simply New York on Culver Road. The business opened in October 2010.  Here is the statement from their website:


Welcome to Simply New York Marketplace & Gifts – Located in Rochester, NY.

At Simply New York, our mission is simple – to promote high quality functional products manufactured in New York State. From dinnerware to outerwear, every product that Simply New York offers must meet one very simple criteria – it must be: Made in New York State.

In a very real way, every purchase you make at Simply New York supports the New York economy, reduces the impact on the environment, and strengthens your community.

Whether you are an ardent “Buy American” enthusiast or not, every purchase you make helps keep a New York company open and New Yorkers employed. And that’s a good thing for all of us that call New York home.

Please comment to this post to share other Made in Rochester or New York company information and please have a very green New Year!

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  1. I’m all about locally grown food. From livestock to fruits and vegetables. I think it’s important to support our our local farmers. Especially the ones who don’t use pesticides or steroids.

  2. Simply New York is a great find!

    I love supporting local CSA’s — Community Supported Agriculture programs where you pay a share and receive produce all season long from local farmers.

    Rochester has a great CSA you can join — Genesee Valley Organic Community Supported Agriculture (GVOCSA). Here’s their website: gvocsa.org Check them out and support locally (and sustainably!) grown food today!

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