Fast Energy Action Plan

1 – turn off lights

2 – use energy saving light bulbs

3 – turn off computers

4 – use smart power strips

5 – turn off tv, game systems

6 – open blinds in day to let light in

7 – close blinds at night to keep heat in

8 – unplug your phone charger when not in use

9 – program your programmable thermostat

10 – turn down heat while you are away

One Reply to “Fast Energy Action Plan”

  1. Good action plan to save energy and go to green earth. I just want to add my action that I usually do at my home:
    1. doing more conversation and good quality time with family rather than watching TV
    2. wash and iron clothes every 2 days
    3. use natural light at day rather than turning on the light, and many more……..

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