Swapping for Sustainability

DVD-R bottom side
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Have you finished reading all of the books on your shelves, or are you tired of listening to the same CDs, or watching the same movies? Maybe you’d like to get rid of your movie collection from ten years ago, and buy movies you actually want to watch. Instead of purchasing a whole new DVD collection, consider swapping some of your movies for someone else’s DVDs.

Swapping allows you to have the items you want, give someone else the things they’ve been searching for, while saving you both the cost of buying entirely new products. Trading your items also helps the environment, because you’re not helping to create the need for more products to be made. These new products require new packaging, which eventually ends up in landfills. If you bypass the new products when you are able to swap for the same items, you aren’t contributing to that cycle. One website which helps swappers exchange items, Swap.com, estimated that in one year, the carbon offset of all their swaps was over five million pounds of carbon emissions.

So, if you’re looking to purchase a new CD, DVD, book, or other item, consider swapping your older items instead, for a green, money-saving alternative to buying new products.  There are several websites which handle swaps, but if you’d like a general website to get started, you can go to Swap.com.