Reminder: E-Cycle Day is This Friday

Have you gathered all of your unwanted electronics to bring in to be recycled this Friday? That’s right, our annual household electronics recycling event will be held in Park Lot on Friday, October 28th from 6:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Sorry to disappoint any of our non-University followers, but this is an internal event for employees and students only. For those of you who are not faculty, staff, or students at the University of Rochester, check out EcoPark which newly opened nearby. With that being said, this event is open to the entire University community and includes the River Campus, the Medical Center, and all off-site locations like Highland Hospital, Strong Ties, and the Memorial Art Gallery, just to name a few.

All sorts of items are being accepted, from computers and printers to those pesky old cell phones and charges that we seem to have so many of nowadays.  This year for the first time, televisions will be accepted as well. For a full list of what you can bring, please visit:

E-Cycle Day is being held in partner with Sunnking Electronics, who is based locally in Brockport, NY. Sunnking handles all University-owned electronics so you can rest assured that we did our homework to ensure that your electronics will be in good hands. No need to delete any confidential information prior to bringing equipment in, since Sunnking will take care of this through hard drive shredding and data wiping. This company also prides itself in being as eco-conscious as it can be. Absolutely no sending things overseas as some other so-called “recyclers” do!

There are just a few days left to clean out your basement, garage, and junk drawer. So get ready to recycle! For full details, see our flyer and previous blog post for more information.

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  1. All states should have a mandatory e-cycle program. A lot of them do not. Although I realize this is specific for the university it raises the question, why aren’t more places doing this?

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