Reduce, Reuse, E-Cycle! Time Again for the Annual Electronics Recycling Event

It’s easy to figure out what to do with an empty soda bottle when you want to recycle it – just pop it in the bin! But what happens when you want to recycle something like a computer, a cell phone, or a TV? Luckily, the University of Rochester has the answer, because it’s time for the 4th annual E-Cycle Day, open to all University students, faculty, and staff! On Friday, October 28th, the University will be accepting used, broken, and unwanted household electronics to be recycled by Sunnking, a Brockport based electronics recycling company. Laptops, desktops, computer accessories, TV’s, monitors, audio/video equipment, mp3 players, communications equipment, servers & IT equipment, printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, and anything else with a circuit board or cord are all being accepted. The best part is it’s all free! On top of all that, not only are you helping the planet, you’re helping people in need! For this year’s event, for every pound of electronic scrap that Sunnking collects, they make a monetary donation to Foodlink, an organization dedicated to building hunger-free communities. For a full list of acceptable materials for recycling, visit do not bring items containing Freon (air conditioners, de-humidifiers, refrigerators etc.), gas powered equipment, or household hazardous waste. 

The E-Cycle is an event for household electronics; University owned and departmental electronics will not be accepted. If you wish to have equipment from your office recycled, see for details on what you should do.

E-Cycle Day will be held Friday October 28th, from 6:30AM to 4:30PM in Park Lot. To get to Park Lot by car, go south on Elmwood, away from the Medical Center, and take a right onto Wilson Blvd. to enter the River Campus.  Take your first, immediate right onto Trustee Road, and take another right onto Intercampus Drive.  Drive across the bridge over Elmwood and keep going all the way down until you reach Park Lot. Click here for a map. 

Worried about security? Don’t be. All hard drives and private information will be securely wiped and destroyed in accordance with all HIPAA, FACTA, GLB and Sarbanes Oxley regulations as well as Sunnking’s EPA R2 Certification. For more information regarding Sunnking’s data security practices, visit

Help spread the word and post an event flyer near you. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Kadrie at 362-5739 or by email at

5 Replies to “Reduce, Reuse, E-Cycle! Time Again for the Annual Electronics Recycling Event”

  1. For an electronics junkie like me, I wonder how much of this stuff I could salvage for my use. 🙂
    But this is a nice initiative and should be held in every city in the world, since there as so many chemicals and heavy metals in these things that can pollute the environment.

  2. Consumer electronics and computers are upgraded so rapidly today (think of our iPhones and other mobile phones), but to get rid of them is such a headache. With the E-Cycle event it becomes easy to recycle them. So go go go guys (I would like to keep my old hard drives though not only for the security concern 😉

  3. Dear Blogs,
    Thanks for the above The Environmental Protection Agency wants you to learn the three “R’s” when it comes to your trash. Those three words are very important if you want to continue living on a clean planet and one that is not overflowing with yesterday’s garbage.

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