Clay’s Green Corner

The Green Corner is back for a quick E-cycle drive-by. As of 11AM you awesome earthlings have filled 25 pallets of electronics that would have been headed to a landfill if not for your efforts. You rock! And we are far from over! Best guess-timate at that hour was 16,000 pounds collected! Today I am especially thankful to be your E-historian/correspondent. My back aches just thinking about unloading all that equipment.

So, this is a perfect opportunity to begin some shout-outs to all who are working their fingers to the bone, lifting that barge and toting those bales (kids, ask your parents for a translation) and making this day one to remember. First, our vendor Sunnking and fearless leader Zach and his crew: Steve, Amy, Dan, Terrence, Will, Shane, Brandon and Kimmie.

Next up, your UR Facilities and Services staff: Amy (recycling guru and quite the little task-mistress), Alan, Dave, Les, Willie, EJ, Grace, and Marvin (one of the original E-cycle members and still nuts enough to come back for more)

The way cool brothers of Delta Upsilon: Constantine, Steve, Lucas and Trevor.

The Corner will be back in a few hours with a wrap up, more shout-outs and another guess-timate. So, if you haven’t stopped by, you still have time. We’re here for you.