Clays Green Corner

Greetings Mother (Earth) Lovers!!!!!!! Today is our 5th University of Rochester E-Cycle Day! We set aside one day a year and invite the entire UR community to bring their unwanted, old, broken, electronic equipment to campus where our vendor, Sunnking, our students and members of University Facilities and Services will happily take that “stuff” off your hands, out of your trunks, pulled from your backseat and make sure it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. As for your humble blogger, my role today will be to keep you updated as to how the day is going. Of course I am not getting out of unloading cars and trucks and SUVs, somebody has to to be the E-historian, so I kinda, sorta volunteered myself for this very, very challenging duty. You’re welcome 🙂

The big change this year is we are accepting televisions! Our first two hours this morning (6:30am-8:30am) found us loading more than 12 pallets/skids. I have an educated guess as to how many pounds we will collect by the end of the day, but I’m not sharing it with you all just yet. Let’s just say the record books will need to be rewritten.

So, come on out. I’ll be blogging throughout the day. And if you bring us something we’ll give you a hearty thanks and a piece of candy. Does life get any better? Oh yeah and you help save the planet, too.