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Trick (or treat) question: when you were a little kid, a semi-little kid, a big-little kid, what was your favorite holiday? Oh, come on don’t say “my birthday” (unless you say The Corner’s birthday, then  that would be correct), or Christmas, Hannukah, or other gift getting days. Think real, real, hard. You say “Halloween”. That’s correct! See, the best and the brightest do read The Green Dandelion.

What a fun time of year! As kids we were already half way through the fall school session and Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays would be here soon. We were energetic  little creatures, and the cool, crisp fall weather just pumped us up more. Plus there was CANDY!!!!! And costumes. And scary movies. And did I mention CANDY!!!!

There is a pretty rotten myth out there among some folks that the recycling/sustainability movement sucks all the fun out of life and everything is so dreadful, and humorless. Well, if you’ve been reading the The Green Dandelion/Green Corner for any time, you know that’s simply not true. Caring about the earth, nurturing what we have left and making the world better for us and future generations can be done and can be done while having a fun, good time.

So, Halloween is soon upon us. How are you celebrating? First, if you are a parental figure with young ones, try not to get bit by the retail bug and buy those expensive costumes for the kids. We were so creative when we were young and a lot of us lose it along the way to becoming grown-ups. We still have two full weeks to Halloween, have you thought about having the kids make their own costume? How about visiting Goodwill or the Salavation Army and other charity thrift stores for costumes. You are reusing clothing, and helping the less fortunate too.

It’s pumpkin season. This year make an effort to buy from your local growers. For many farms around the country it has been a rough growing season. So, go a little out of your way to buy from your region. So, you’ve brought your pumpkin(s), why not just carve one this year? With another you can decorate and then use to make soup, pie, bread and other delicious pumpkiny-things. I LOVE fresh, roasted pumpkin seeds (um, that’s called a hint….)

You can be orange and black and green by using that old, stand-by the pillowcase instead of a plastic bag to collect your booty. Are you driving the kids around to different neighborhoods? Leave the wheels at home and walk.  How’s the decorating going? You DO decorate, don’t you? Using your creative gifts you can conjure up a spooky house in no time with common household items such as cotton, old sheets, bunched up newspapers. If you are stuck for an idea, just Google!

Well, one last word about candy. I know a lot of you parents are trying your hardest to get the kids to eat well and be healthy. Buying organic candy can be quite expensive and during our rough economic times we may not be able to afford to buy what we want. Think about giving the kids a break this year. It’s your call, of course. But one day of 365 is Halloween; maybe make it a candy Halloween. Remember how you felt when the one neighbor just handed out apples, or something else that was “good for us” ? Ecch. Whatever you decide make it a fun holiday; it’s a time of make believe, and letting our imaginations soar. Enjoy.


For those of you interested, I found a couple of web sites that were helpful to me. Please remember The Green Corner nor UR endorse any of the products/ideas.


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