Saving Money and the Environment

You like saving money, right? Yes, that was a rhetorical question. While it’s usually best to not make assumptions, most people would love to save money. However, some of those same people aren’t sure how to reduce their costs, and may not realize how simple it is to save money. If you already are an expert saver, congratulations! Not only are you saving yourself money, but you could very well be helping the environment in the process.

Even in chilly Rochester, you can cut down on heating costs in winter and air conditioning in the summer. Make sure you’re not letting precious heat escape through small holes, by weatherproofing your doors and windows. Although it may be hard to adjust to the change, it helps to maintain your thermostat at a constant, slightly colder temperature in the winter (and vice versa in the summer). This small change can make a large dent in your energy bill, as well as saving energy.

If you’ve already been keeping tracking of your thermostat, and maintaining it at a lower temperature, here’s another congratulations. But, have you been letting your money go down the drain with the water you might be wasting? If you only run your washing machine and dishwasher with full loads, and make sure your sinks are working properly (those small , constant drips can really add up), you can once again keep some more money in your wallet, and save water and energy (because you’re not running more loads than are necessary).

It may be harder to save money once you step outside your house, and hear the various stores beckoning you, but once again, small changes can lead to big savings.  By planning out your day ahead of time and trying to limit stop-and-go driving (by avoiding driving during rush hour or other peak driving times, when possible) , you can prevent extra trips to the same place and unnecessary driving. This will save you time, money from the gas savings, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released.

So what will you do with your savings from following these quick tips? Maybe you can decide during the time you saved by planning your day and avoiding peak driving times.

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  1. The benefits of green building design are not only for the environment but also to save money. To use the tips that you suggested doesn’t cost a lot, yet it will add up to a lot of savings.

    If everyone does their part and go green, our chiildren will not suffer from the mess we create.

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