Green at Work

Being green at work is much easier than it sounds. Here are some easy (and fun!) ideas as to improving the sustainability of your work environment.

 –          Turn off your lights when not at your desk, and use natural lighting whenever possible to conserve energy.

–          Unplug kitchen appliances and other electronics when not in use – they still use energy, even when not turned on! Depending on the appliance, the range of standby electricity used is anywhere from 1 watt to 50 watts.

–          Place a tray or container in a common printing location for scrap paper that can be reused.

–          Email rather than print as much as possible.

–          Bring a reusable water bottle or mug to work instead of using disposable cups every day. Better yet, surprise your coworkers with mugs as well!

–          Bring dishes and silverware from home with your lunch instead of using disposable ones.

–          Avoid using Styrofoam cups and/or dishes for meetings and in the kitchen, as they can’t be recycled.

–          Try walking or biking to lunch instead of driving if possible, or try organizing a carpool amongst coworkers!

–          Make sure there are recycling containers in common spaces.