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Enamored Earth buds! Your humble blogger’s favorite time of year is almost upon us! No, silly not vacation time (although it’s a close second). It is time for us to welcome the Freshman Class of 2015. On August 24, the school year gets its official start with the Freshman Expo. University Facilities and Services has taken part in the Expo the past few years and we are honored to be a part of this year’s events. Once again we will welcome students with warm, friendly smiles, cornball jokes, a compact fluorescent lightbulb, and info about recycling and sustainability programs. We’ll get you info on everything from bike racks to Zip cars, to what and how to recycle. Throughout the day Eco Reps and their helpers will be assisting with the move in process (take it from this old veteran of many a college move-in: 1) pack up all your stuff, 2) leave half of it at home. You’ll never need it. Trust me on this). Students and Facilities staff will be breaking down cardboard and working at breakneck speed to make sure your move in is smooth and hassle free.

So hats off and welcome Class of ’15! It’s going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.

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