Flush Away Water Waste

Life is full of tough choices. You need to select which classes to take, pick a career, and decide where to spend your life. Lucky for you, dual flush toilets are an easy pick for sustainability.

Older toilets tend to be more inefficient and waste water, using at least 3.5 gallons with each flush. Newer dual flush toilets use less than half that amount of water. Specifically, these toilets give you two choices; pushing down on the handle offers a forceful flush, while lifting the handle up gives a more controlled flush. These toilets allow you to conserve water and save money on your water bill.

These toilets were developed in Australia, likely because of the need for water conservation in their dry climate. However, because of their success in saving water and money, they have become a common choice in locations around the world.

Dual flush toilets don’t need to be added to another long list of choices. Invest in one, and then simply pick up or down, and you’ll be saving water and money.

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