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Greetings, planet pals! Your faithful blogger here just doing a quick ‘drive-by’ to say what massive amounts of awesome people make up the University of Rochester community! If you haven’t been living in a cave (and if you have; get out! It’s a beautiful day), then you know today is our first “Personal Document Round-up/Shred Event”. We had no idea what kind of turn out to expect. Well as the Green Corner entered Park Lot at 6:58AM she was followed by two very enthusiastic members of the community who just couldn’t wait to unload years of old receipts, papers, cancelled checks, etc.  We saw a steady stream of staff for hours. By noon, we had filled over 20, 65-gallon totes! Our wonderful vendor, Iron Mountain has already made one full stop and will be back with us through the afternoon.

We at Univiversity Facilities and Services couldn’t be happier! Every one of you who took the time to stop by and unload your old papers know you helped save the planet today. We truly appreciate your efforts and because of that, we think this may become an annual event like our Household E-Waste Round-up (last friday in October). Look for pictures and official weights in the coming week. You all rock so much. Come closer so the  Green Corner can give you a kiss: SMACK!

Hat tips to the people who made this happen: Richard Pifer, our fearless Associate Vice President of UF&S, Pat Beaumont, Director of Support Operations, Amy Kadrie, Recycling Guru #1, Shawn Casey, River Campus Properties, Marvin Stillman, Haz Mat genius, Kim Taylor, River Campus Facilities, our terrrific Parking deparment, Grounds, the hardest working students in the county: Melissa, Kaityln, Chip!

Now, back to the action. Thanks again all!

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