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You didn’t listen to the Green Corner a few weeks ago, did you? The Corner was playing ‘good cop/mommy’ and gently advised the entire University of Rochester community to gather up those old, dusty, musty, funky personal documents/files/junk mail and bring them to the first annual most awesome Personal Documents Roundup where next Friday July, 15 from 7:30AM-4:30PM yours truly along with other valuable “volunteer” staff will take those papers from your weary arms and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly although incredibly violent manner and shred the heck out of them. You help protect yourself from idenity theft, you help the environment and everybody wins!

Except, you haven’t gotten around to going through those papers yet, have you? Have you? Being in Western New York this time of year you were counting on some nasty, weekend weather. Rainy, windy, chilly can’t really do much of anything outside-type weather. And Mother Nature throws that curveball and we have had a few great weekends in a row: funnin’, sunnin’, just being outside is great! And this weekend is no exception. Forecast calls for sunshine, toasty warm days and lovely, cool evenings. Just the type of weather that makes you want to spend hours in the attic, garage, buried under piles of papers you just have to organize.

You didn’t listen. When will you learn? Have I ever steered you wrong? The Green Corner suggests you don’t go there, okay. So plan to spend some time and get those docs in order. I will see YOU next Friday. Come to Park Lot and I’ll have candy and a smile for you. I’ll hug your dog and pet your baby if you’d like. We’re a full-service Facilities department. Thanks in advance to Iron Mountain and if you need some last minute info, contact me at Amy Kadrie or call her at 585-362-5739.

Now, start packing!

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