Turn off the lights

It is the peak of daylight hours. During this time we should all take advantage of the opportunity to turn the lights off and utilize the sunlight where ever possible for natural light. Sometimes we turn on the lights out of habit, rather than necessity. Before you turn on the switch. Ask yourself – do I need the added light? If you do, then of course turn them on, but if not don’t.

Another opportunity to turn off the lights comes when you leave a room. In most cases it is well worthwhile turning them off. You will save energy, reduce the cooling requirements for your space and reduce your energy bill. Again, we need to take control over our standard habits and make new ones. If you are doing laundry and leave the laundry room until the load is done – go ahead and turn off the light.

Finally, this is a great time to review your schedule for automatic lights in your home. Limiting the number of hours your landscape lighting and security lights are on will reduce your energy load. We all need to be stewards of the environment. In this case it is as easy as pushing a button!

One Reply to “Turn off the lights”

  1. One of the things with going green, is you don’t see the benifit immediately, or at all in some cases, so some people ask themselves why should I?

    Well with this tip here you do get an immediate benefit: seeing your energy bills drop and saving money.

    If that is the carrot to move the donkey forward, so to speak, great!

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