Maintaining Your Vehicle Sustainably

After purchasing a vehicle, you don’t want it to run down quickly, so you do everything you can to protect it. But, as time goes on, it’s easy to forget to keep checking and maintaining your car. By giving yourself reminders, you can keep your car running smoothly and be more sustainable.
You’re probably already using nitrogen in your tires, after reading the previous blog entry about that topic. However, you might be overlooking some other quick fixes that can help maintain your car. If you try and maintain a constant speed, and avoid going over the speed limit, you’ll improve your gas mileage. Also, instead of stomping down on the accelerator, press it down more gently, in order to conserve gas and lessen emissions into the air. You can also make your car load as light as possible (which saves fuel), by removing unnecessary, heavy items from inside the car. As difficult as it can be, you should also try to use the heating and air conditioning in your vehicle as little as possible. It’s also important to do regular checks on your tire pressure and change the oil when needed.
If you try to keep these tips in mind, and add maintaining your car to your regular to-do list, you should see a savings in gas mileage and money.

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