Will the Real Writer Please Stand Up?

If you’ve been a frequent visitor on the Green Dandelion, you’ve probably kept up with Clay’s Corner and noticed some additional weekly articles. Many of these extra articles share the same curiosity, have a sprinkle of corny jokes, and might have an occasional dash of sarcasm. If you’re reading this entry, you might find you possess some of those same qualities. Ever wonder why you share these traits? Well, very likely, you’re an involved faculty or staff member, or a student, just like me.

Hello, I’m a Sarah Goldman, a senior and soon-to-be-graduate of the University of Rochester. I’m a Linguistics major, with an ASL minor, a member of the Ballet Performance Group, a lover of country music, ice cream, and jazz hands, and someone who knew almost nothing about sustainability before taking this job. Sure, I placed the correct items in the appropriate recycling bins, donated clothing and other items when I could, but I didn’t really give much thought to sustainability. So, why did I write these articles about being green, if I wasn’t an eco-fanatic? Well, I like to write and I’m always curious and excited to learn about topics I’ve never encountered.  

I know what you’re thinking. How does someone who knows so little about sustainability write articles about it? Practice, practice, and did I mention practice? I was given a list of topics at the beginning of the school year, and one by one, I made my way through the list, picking ones that stuck out as particularly interesting or relevant at the time. If I had no understanding of the topic (as in the article about Green Chemistry), I looked into the subject to determine exactly what it meant, learned what research had been conducted and what discoveries had been made, and then, I would search for a way to share that information with all of you readers. Throughout the year, I’ve done my best to represent multiple viewpoints on the topics, and give real, useful tips that I’ve tried to apply to my own life.

I’ve had a great year sharing sustainable information with all of you green readers. Enjoy the sun (while you still can) and keep working on going green.

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  1. “Enjoy the Sun”…

    We have heard of it, but maybe you can write more about this thing you call sun…


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