Moving out? Don’t Trash; Donate!

Well, the end of another campus year is upon us once again. Students are busy preparing for final exams and papers. Some will soon be moving on after receiving their diplomas and celebrating commencement. The Green Dandelion congratulates the class of 2011 and wishes each and every new graduate all of the best that the future has to offer. But regardless of whether or not students will be returning to campus in the fall, most of them are facing the daunting task of packing up and moving out of their dorm rooms. Often times along with this task comes the realization of just how much stuff has accumulated over the course of the year and the question of, “Do I REALLY want to take all this stuff with me?” arises.

In the hustle and bustle of it all, students will often turn to the dumpster as a quick solution and throw away the things that they no longer want or need. Unfortunately, a lot of the things that are thrown out actually have value and could be reused or recycled. Luckily, the University offers two great programs that give students alternatives to sending there once prized positions to the local landfill.

The Move-out Cleanout will run continuously from 5/2 – 5/16 and offers solutions for specific items. Large yellow Planet Aid collection containers will be placed outside of each residential area for clothing so that someone else can benefit as a result. Unopened non-perishable food can be donated to Open Door Mission, and collection barrels will be labeled and placed in the entranceway of every single residence building. Pretty much any unwanted electronic device that can be plugged in (with the exception of non-approved items on the Fire & Life Safety Rules checklist) can be labeled as “RECYCLE” and brought to the loading dock of Susan B. Anthony or Sage. Although there is a greater need during move-out time, this can actually be done at anytime of year too. Additionally, cinder blocks that are used to raise beds can be brought to the Sage loading dock for reuse.

The student group, Grassroots, will be going around and collecting goods through the Dump & Run program. They are looking for things that can be resold to students in the fall, such as furniture, lamps, refrigerators, and school supplies. On Saturday, May 7th, from 1-4 p.m., volunteers will be stationed at designated areas outside of Sue B., the Quad, Towers, and the Southside Living Area. Then on Saturday, May 14th, from 1-4 p.m., they will target the upperclassmen at Hillcourt and Riverview Apartments.  The group will hold a sale in the fall as a fundraiser for their organization so that they can keep doing the great things that they do throughout the year. Items that are not resold will be donated to charity.

Even though students are focused on completing their coursework and leaving without a hitch, remembering the 3 R’s is a little bit easier at the University of Rochester during this hectic time. But, it does take cooperation from everyone to keep these programs successful. If you are a student, please remember to bring your items to the collection locations and not left behind in the dorm rooms or other random places. Thank you for doing your part.

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