Clay’s Green Corner

Gas pains, anyone?????? Holy Toledo, planet buds, the price of petrol, fuel, black gold, Texas tea is making a lot of us gnarly, snarky, ticked and just plaing MAD. The Green Corner has neither the space nor inclination to discuss our addiction to the fossil fuels. You wouldn’t be reading this if you were not already tuned in and involved in doing  what’s right by terra firma. The one trait (of many) that I admire about the sustainability community is how patient that community is. Despite the stereotype of being a tree-hugging, people hating, ‘radical environmentalist’, the people I know are compassionate, caring, and dedicated to really changing their own piece of the world. The folks I know in the sustainability movement are realists. They know that changing human behavior is hard and doesn’t occur overnight. They are incredibly flexible and will consider alternatives to getting where we need to be. If $4 per gallon won’t give us the wake-up call will $5, $7, or $10? Will we continue to lower our standard of outrage when gas comes down to $3.50? Then $4.50. Will $5 a gallon be the ‘good old days’?

It ain’t getting better, gang. What are we to do? I’m sure many are advising to cut back on driving (excuse me, but DUH), but so many of our common products are oil based, so that $4 a gallon isn’t just going from your purse to your tank, but into your furniture, containers, clothes, office supplies, sports equipment, and on and on and on…

So we hop on the merry-go-round again. The ride never changes; just gets more expensive. So, we’ll cope; adapt; adjust and get back on that ride. Will we ever get off the ^&#* thing?