How to Conserve Energy Like a Pro

Beautiful, warm weather should start to make its way into the Rochester forecast soon, but as we all know the temperature can seesaw quite a bit this time of year. No matter what the weather throws our way, it is important to always be conscious of ways to save energy.

The University of Rochester has established temperature setbacks to conserve energy. Through this program all thermostats are set to 68°F in the winter, and to 76 in the summer, except in patient care areas. Maintenance mechanics will be adjusting your thermostats in the next few weeks.  On those days between now and summer the temperatures will fluctuate wildly, remember to wear layers, and carry an extra sweater around to stay warm or that you can take of to stay cool.. A little forethought and extra layering can lead to large energy savings. 

When the warmer weather returns, try biking or walking to the University, and until then, consider carpooling with other community members. Once you arrive at River Campus or the Medical Center, remember to move efficiently through the buildings as well. Whenever possible, take the stairs instead of the elevator to save energy. Also, once you’ve arrived at your office, make the most of Mother Nature by placing office furniture away from the wall heating or cooling units. This allows the air to better circulate, and keep your office at a comfortable temperature, even with the temperature setback program. When it is warm outside shade your windows to prevent heat buildup and when it is cold outside pull the blinds before departing to preserve interior heat.

In any weather, you can always make small, daily changes to save energy. If you leave a room for more than a few minutes, remember to turn off the lights and any electronics. Make sure you unplug anything that’s not currently being used. For example, once your cell phone is fully charged, unplug the charger to prevent extra energy from being wasted. Also, consider changing your computer settings to go into its preprogrammed sleep mode.

You don’t have to go out of your way to save energy. If everyone keeps these tips in mind, we’re on our way to big energy savings. With just a few daily reminders to yourself, you’ll be a green, energy-saving machine. To help spread the word, post these energy saving tips near you.

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