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Greetings, planet-pals. The Green Corner’s (like the colorful name to the blog? I do) thoughts are turning to spring even though it is SNOWING today. I will pretend it isn’t. This denial device has served quite well in the past. No need to adapt now, is there?

When the weather turns warmer and we open the windows and doors at home we really do get a sense of renewal. For some of us, early April is also the time to dedicate ourselves to the dreaded “Spring Cleaning”. Well, if you clean once a year like I do, it is defintely dreaded. So, don’t do what I do: clean at least a couple of times a year. Remember: those that can, do; those that can’t, blog.

Getting organized for cleaning  is the key to winning the battle with dust bunnies, cobwebs, junk and assorted stuff we have accumulated over time. Planning your task also helps alleviate many frustrations. Tackle your home, room by room, don’t bite off more than you can chew, little victories add up to a big win and when all is done, reward yourself for all your hard work. But don’t be messy about it.

Getting organized: get the proper materials and equipment BEFORE you start. Buy those environmentally friendly products and remember that they sometimes take a bit longer to work. But, you already know it’s worth it. Do you need a step-stool, ladder, extension wand for high dusting? Whatever you do, DO NOT cut corners on your safety; it would be a bit difficult for you to appreciate your clean home while in traction. Wear gloves and safety glasses and read all labels on your cleaners.

Now, the plan: where to start? The garage? The basement? Now sit down and sob because you waited so long to do this (wait, that’s still me). Baby steps, baby steps. This is a great time to practice your mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Can you donate clothes and other gently used items to a local charity? Can those old milk crates you intended to return to the grocery store 15 years ago be used to store items you don’t want to discard? And always remember to reycle. Check with your county Department of Environmental Services for instructions on how to dispose of old paints, solvents, clearners, auto fluids and other every day chemicals. Got old tv’s, computers and other electronic equipment gathering dust and taking up space? Call your county for advice; or if you are fortunate enough to be an employee, student of the University of Rochester, you can bring those items to us at our annual Household E-Waste Round-Up. And don’t forget to recycle those magazines, papers that have been laying around forever. Donate books. Call your local library. Every city, town, village is under pressure to cut costs and services. Our libraries are a wonderful institution and they need help.

Next time, we’ll tackle other rooms and the grand outdoors.

So, throw open those windows, listen for the sweet sound of the chirpping birds, take in the glorious aromas of the blossoms and rejoice in the fact that we get to greet another spring.

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