Promoting RecycleMania 2011

RecycleMania is underway and some very dedicated students want YOU to know that. This past Saturday, Jennifer Moon of Grassroots rallied together a group of her peers to get out there and spread the word. With painted faces in the spirit of the competition, the energetic group went around Danforth Dining, Wilson Commons, and Gleason Library to promote the event. They did this by simply starting a dialogue with people and asking them if they were aware of the competition. Then they explained all the details as needed and encouraged people to visit the website. They even offered more general recycling information and handed out brochures. Jenna Lamb said, “I think it was a really great way to spread awareness about RecycelMania to people who normally wouldn’t have paid attention to it . . .” After all, wouldn’t you want to hear more from someone who had a green recycling insignia painted on their forehead?

Students are going to be engaged throughout the ten week competition.  Every week there are chances to win fun prizes if you spin the trivia wheel at the RecycleMania table in Wilson Commons. But for students who don’t get out to Wilson Commons very often, there is also a trivia contest posted in the Weekly Buzz email newsletter. Next Friday, February 25th students will have the opportunity to visit the county’s recycling center and later that evening there will be a celebration event in the Community Learning Center. The week of March 13th will be Water Week which will feature a fun event in Hurst Lounge on March 19th with silk screening, tabling, a movie in the Gowen Room, food, entertainment, and more! Then as the competition winds down, a day’s worth of trash from three active campus buildings, also known as “Mt. Trashmore”, will make its impact in hopes to give people one BIG reason to keep on recycling and throw out less.

The results of the competition are posted weekly. Even though only the first two trial weeks have been posted so far, UR is looking good and has a real chance to excel in this competition. We ranked 18 out of 242 in the Per Capita Classic and 11 out of 242 in the Gorilla Prize. We are beating our friends at RIT who ranked 62 in Per Capita and 51 in Gorilla! Let’s keep it up!