RecycleMania: Let’s Get Ready to Recycle!

It’s that time of year again…no, not Spring Break. It’s time for RecycleMania! Beginning with two trial weeks, from January 22 – February 5, the competition kicks off on February 6, and runs through April 2.

If you’re new to UR, or simply have been hiding in the tunnels to escape the cold, RecycleMania is an annual event in which colleges and universities compete against one another to reduce waste and recycle more. Participating schools report their results weekly and are ranked by the amount of recycleables (both total and per capita), the recycling rate, and the least amount of waste.

While UR may be well known for its academics and tundra-like weather, with your help, we can continue to put it on the map for something else: being sustainable. During this competition, try to be conscious of reducing what you put in the trash, and make sure you recycle bottles, cans, boxes, papers, etc.

Last year, UR ranked in the top 10% for many categories, including collecting the largest combined amount of paper, cardboard and bottles and cans per person and having the most recycling overall in the bottles & cans, paper, and cardboard categories. This year, let’s see how many of our peer schools we can outrank and if we can beat our results from last year.

In celebration, there will be events and activities happening on campus, including a social kick-off event, Water Week from 3/14-3/18, and a weekly trivia contest along with other chances to win prizes. Students will also get the chance to tour our local recycling facility in late February. If you are a UR employee or faculty member and are interested in setting up a tour for your department, class, or group, contact Amy Kadrie for details. 

Towards the end of the competition, Mt. Trashmore will be reclaiming its spot in front of Wilson Commons. As you may remember from previous years, Mt. Trashmore is created from all of the trash generated during the course of one day, in Wilson Commons, Rush Rhees Library, and Douglas Dining Center. It shows just how much we throw out on an average day, in order to inspire all of us to do our part in making that trash pile shrink.

Stay tuned for details on the grand finale event as well as all of the events and activities. Learn more about RecycleMania and remember to recycle and reduce waste as much as possible. Now, get ready, get set, and go!

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