Plastic bag recycling

I know sometimes we shop and forget to bring our re-useable bags with us. So just in case here is a reminder about those plastic bags we all have to use at one time or another.

Typically your local curbside recycling program will not accept plastic grocery bags because they must be baled, condensed into bundles and thus made heavier before they can be properly recycled. So collect them and then bring them to your local grocery store for recycling. Plastic bags are recycled into many different products including composite lumber, new bags, pallets, containers, crates, and pipe. Most Grocery bags are #2 and #4 plastics, and these are collected at Wegmans, Tops, and other local grocery stores. According to Wegmans this includes bread bags and bags from newspapers, so bring those in, too! Generally, exclude any plastic bags that are dark in color or bags that have drawstring handles, as these are not recyclable.  Plastic food packaging and plastic food wrap (Saran wrap) are also non-recyclable.  Always clean and dry bags thoroughly before recycling, making sure they are empty of any debris. This is important, since foreign objects will contaminate the plastic as it is being recycled. Since these programs may vary slightly depending on the grocery store you go to or what county you are in, be sure to check the signs around their collection bins, and be careful to follow the listed recommendations and restrictions. If you have questions, ask at the customer service counter, as their answers will be the most up to date and accurate.

You can find more information about recycling plastic bags and their post recycled use on the website PlasticBagRecycling.Org.

 And then next time remember to bring those re-useable bags.

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  1. In my opinion, recycling plastic to beneficial things such as plastic bags and has many advantages to humanity and environment to avoid the damage that happens to plants, and animals. For that, using the re-useable bags

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