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TGI(already!)F terra -firma Cheerios.

Hanging around the River Campus the other day (it’s not stalking unless the judge says it is), I was observing students and staff exhibiting some nice ‘green’ behavior. And it seemed pretty easy. They were doing things like separating their garbage from recycleables, using mugs and permanent water bottles, moving about campus on bikes and boards. Small steps but very important ones. The best examples for maintaining our world and making it better is through small actions. Sometimes this whole global warming, oil spills, fossil fuel consumption issues seem so large (they are) as to make us feel that what we do on an individual level doesn’t  matter (it does). So many of you are doing your part and going above and beyond. We appreciate that so much. I hope you all find the opportunity to do one small thing for mama earth. And don’t be afraid to speak up when folks aren’t doing their part. We are not planet police, and if speaking up is out of your comfort level, then please don’t force the issue; just promise yourself that you can do something extra to make up for the folks who aren’t as educated, or maybe just plain apathetic. You care. You do your part. We all win.

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