Clay’s Corner

Happy September planet-partners. Things are starting to settle down here at UR. All students are all moved in and classes have started.

While our campus is going ‘full-tilt boogie’ (ask your parents :)) we in University Facilities and Services are challenged with providing our regular first rate service on a campus that has grown by the thousands in this beautiful walking environment. Our solutions are both good for the Mother Earth as well as being as efficient as possible. One solution is the purchasing of Segways for staff from Mail Services so they may navigate campus safely distributing and picking -up office mail while keeping sustinability in mind. It truly is a win-win.

Many students arrive without cars. This has an immediate positive impact for a variety of reasons: parking spaces are limited (every college/university struggles with this), cars require a lot of care, and we all know we depend on them far too much. What has helped is that we are supporters of the Zip Car program. This program allows all members of the campus community to ‘rent’ a vehicle by the hour. For a reasonable fee folks can get a car without the hassle of having one all the time on campus. Another area where Facilities has come through is the addition of bike racks. More and more students and staff, too bike around. Having  bike racks spread around reduces the stress of protecting those valuable machines.

Just a couple of examples of being sustainable. It’s really a team effort here. We’re proud to work with all of you in making our campus the envy of the region.

Enjoy the Labor Day holiday. If traveling, please do so safely.

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