AVEDA caps recycling gets a new location!

On our campus, we’ve been recycling #1 and #2 plastic bottles everywhere we can for years now. If you want to recycle a bottle, all you need to do is look for a green lid with a circular opening  and – indoors or outdoors – we’ve got you covered! But what do you do with those pesky bottle caps, made entirely from #5 plastic, which isn’t accepted as recyclable in Monroe County?

Why, you put them in the Aveda caps recycling bin, of course! Aveda, who has been working to reduce their carbon footprint by reusing the caps from their products to create new containers, has extended their program to include caps from almost every bottle and plastic container you can imagine, from detergent caps to soda caps, and here at the U of R, we have a program to collect them.

For those of you who eat on River Campus a lot, this bin may look familiar – formerly placed in “the pit”, this handy container will be making the move from the new commons to Douglass Dining Center, to help make it as easy as possible to recycle your caps!

Rather than tossing them into the bottle recycling bin along with your empty soda, where it will be removed and thrown away, take the cap off yourself and toss it in the middle bin to save some extra plastic – and CO2! Not sure what caps are accepted? Just check out the sign above the container for a comprehensive list of all the caps accepted in this bin.

Stay Green, and remember: Recycle your caps!

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  2. I know send my bottle caps to Aveda in New York,I was wondering if I can get prepaid labels from you so I can keep sending the caps as I can no longer afford to send them to you.

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