Clay’s Corner

Judy ClayGreetings, planet-huggers!

They’re BACK! The class of 2014 arrived all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a few days ago. Welcoming a new class and saying “hey” to the upperclassmen is like spring fever and spring break wrapped into one. As mentioned last week, University Facilities and Services greets each new student and their family personally. We also present info on recycling and also hightlight other sustainable initiatives such as Zip Cars, bike racks (incredibly popular), shuttle services and energy management. We’re quite proud of what we’ve accomplished so far and are commited to becoming “ever better”.

Earlier in the week, I had the chance to meet some of this year’s Eco Reps. Eco Reps are incoming freshmen who reside in residential halls and program events regarding sustainability as well as promoting recycling. They are the coolest kids around and it tickles me that these stewards of our planet are funny, bright and engaging.

Eco Reps rock!!! And so do all of you! Welcome and welcome back. We’re gonna have a great year.

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