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Judy ClayHappy Friday Dandelion followers! As with many folks around the counrty, we are suffering an early summer heatwave. People throughout our northeastern states have been trying to cool down and conserve energy. Thanks to everyone for taking our planet into consideration as we sweat through the days and nights. Your efforts really do make a difference.

Through this week I kept running into (not literally-yay) road construction crews working diligently to repair our city and county infrastructure. I’m sure wherever you are you are experiencing the same.  Slow down a bit traveling around road repair crews and give ’em a smile and an appreciative nod. We’re inconvenienced a few extra minutes while these dedicated men and women work under not so great conditions.

One area of sustainability that UR is focusing upon is how we can repair/replace our infrastructure such as water pipes without tearing up miles of asphalt before its time. One method employed by our Central Utilities crew is using a compound called FOAMGLAS®. This product manufactured from crushed glass and carbon is environmentally sound and is resistant to flammables, corrosives, our highly acidic soil, and it can withstand a wide variety of temperatures and humidity. Insulating the pipes without major digging is just one example of the many ways the University of Rochester community works with efficiency and sustainability in mind.




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